Passengers miss their flight because of turtles

Isn’t it ironic that you would miss your flight because of turtles? Well on the turlte island Zakynthos it is not.

a swimming turtle
a swimming turtle

The issue

Scores of easyJet passengers were stranded on the Greek island of Zakynthos (also known as Zante) after their plane developed technical difficulties and a replacement aircraft was prevented from flying in because of mating turtles.

Passengers expressed fury at easyJet’s lack of communication and “incredibly bad” handling of the delay, which began on Sunday afternoon.

Some travellers, who did not book on to other flights, were only able to make it home on Tuesday.

A fault with a wing flap was announced by the captain soon after passengers boarded the flight to Gatwick at around 3pm on Sunday, and there was no communication for another hour.

Despite being told the problem would be resolved in 20 minutes, passengers were soon asked to disembark.

Clearly not their own fault.

The sea turtle breeding season is well under way in Zakynthos. According to Archelon, a group dedicated in protecting sea turtles in Greece, late June to early July see the highest levels of spawning. The group has recorded 500 nests on the island so far, but that is fewer than in previous years.

That’s what we are famous for. Shame that there are fewer nests each year.


The solution

“Around a quarter of passengers travelled on flights with alternative carriers yesterday afternoon. Passengers have been provided with hotel accommodation and expenses in line with EU261 regulations and will also be entitled to EU261 compensation.”

The situation got resolved. Guess you can be lucky. To get compensation for a missed flgiht is about the only thing good about the EU. Wonder if that will prevail with the BREXIT happening.


You find the full  article here

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